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Mastectomy Follow-up Care

Visit Your Doctor - Even after treatment, your doctor will want to watch your health closely. See your doctor as directed. You may be asked to come in twice a year or more. Other members of your healthcare team will also want to see you. At these visits, report any changes in your breasts or problems with your general health.

Schedule Mammograms - Your doctor will tell you how often to have mammograms. During your appointment, extra x-rays may be taken. There is no need for concern. This is common after treatment for breast cancer.

Perform Breast Self-Exams - Be sure to do monthly breast self-exams. If you've had breast surgery or treatment, your breasts probably look and feel different. Ask your doctor how to do the exams and what to look for. Remember to check:

*Both the left and right side of the chest.
*The skin over the chest wall.
*Any incisions or scars.
*Above and below the collarbone.
*The armpits.
*The entire chest wall, down to the bottom of the ribs.