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We also understand shopping for a piece of specialty medical can be equipment confusing and overwhelming.

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Choosing the right mobility products will greatly improve the quality of life of those who need them.  There are many things that need to be considered when searching for a wheelchair, scooter, vehicle lift or walker.  Meeting daily needs, comfort and price are among the most important.

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Rediscover the confidence that comes with independence and venture to work, play, school, or wherever your imagination takes you.

Wheelchairs & Power Chairs

We carry traditional manual wheelchairs, transport chairs, as well as electric wheelchairs & power chairs operated by a joystick for people who lack the motor function or cardiovascular strength to operate a manual wheelchair.  We offer a selection of quality brands to choose from.



Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is very helpful for persons with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions who are still able to stand and walk a few steps, sit upright without torso support, and control the steering tiller. Indoor or outdoor available.




Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts

Vehicle Lifts are designed to safely transport a power chair, scooter, or manual wheelchair on a vehicle and with varying degrees of automation from manual to partially automated to fully automatic securement and lifting. The specific lift you choose depends on the combination of vehicle, hitch class, mobility device, and the user’s physical capabilities.

Walking Aids

The use of walking aids, whether temporary for recovery purposes, or permanent, assist in support and mobility.  We have canes, walkers, crutches and accessories of all types, and will can help adjust these items for maximum comfort and functionality.


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Choosing the best Home Medical Equipment & Supplies for you or a loved one can be overwhelming.

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